Shanghai Wanming Optical Co., Ltd was established in 1970s and has now become the leading optical manufacturing company with the longest history in the industry (Production license: XK16-003-00484). Throughout the 30 years of endeavored focus and development on optical lenses, we have won the recognition and appreciation as a modeling optical manufacturer by not only the customers but also the retailers and the national glasses association. Shanghai Wanming Optical Co., Ltd has been continuously appointed through years as the executive member of the China National Association for Glass Industry. The general manager of Wanming Optical has also been elected for the second time as the vice chairman of Association for Shanghai Glass Industry.


Our Vision and Mission

We have been sticking to the vision as “providing the best service effectively, efficiently and practically with advanced technology” in running our daily operation. In the meanwhile, our business mission to “Make the best glasses dedicatedly, precisely and accurately” has driven every one of the staff in the company to equip ourselves with the best techniques and services in the optical manufacturing industry.



Professional Team

As our business growing together with the development of optics and glasses market and technology, we have always put great effort in build up a professional work team to ensure the best quality of techniques and services. Currently, our technical team is composed of members from national glasses standard committee and national glasses quality control committee amount to 35% of the total staff number.


Cutting-edge Manufacturing Equipment

Shanghai Wanming has imported from Greman Satisloh Company a complete set of lens processing machine and Free Form Design software. The company also purchased advanced NC automatic digital cutting and edging machines from France and Japan. We have therefore built up a cutting-edge factory which is capable to meet the needs of various lenses production.



Reliable Quality

Lead by the value to provide the best product and service for our customers, Wanming has adopted ISO9001-2008 quality control system to run the day to day business and manage its internal control. In the meantime, our advanced lens diopter verification machines also ensure the quality of every single lens to meet both the national standard and the specific needs of every customer.


Our Products and Specialities

Shanghai Wanming have successfully established its own well-known brands including “Optima” hard resin lenses and sunglasses and “Shen Yan” progressive lenses for presbyopia which are very popular among customers.


In recent years, Shanghai Wanming has also been focusing on the development and promotion of its new brand “Polykin” with the support and cooperation from American Steve Optics Company who is a well-know military and medical optical instrument manufacturer. The “Polykin” brand specializes in progressive multi-focal lenses and photo-chromic lenses. Specifically, we have possessed the most advanced technique such as extreme wide angle and myopia sunglasses for the production of custom-made progress multi-focal lenses and lenses of complex diopter. Now, “Polykin” has become the leading brand of the company.


We have had our own professional logistic team covering the whole Shanghai city and even the whole China to deliver our best product and service. Besides, a comprehensive and effective after-sales service system has also enabled us to respond to our customers’ needs at the first place.




-          Executive member of the China National Association for Glass Industry (ever since the first session up to the current 7th session)

-          Vice executive chairman of Shanghai Glass Industry Association

-          Membership company participated in the China national glass standard regulating

-          The first company that was entitled the glass industry production license in Shanghai in 1990’s

-          The only designated supplier of sunglasses for the police of Shanghai World Expo Park

-          The only designated supplier of sunglasses for Shanghai traffic policemen

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